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Warehouse Floor Epoxy in San Leandro, CA

Industrial EpoxyWarehouse concrete takes a pounding due to constant wear with loaded carts, forklifts, pallet jacks, and more. Without enough surface endurance, even concrete starts to erode and develop marks in zones that are heavily trafficked. This is where epoxy coatings for concrete flooring really shine, both figuratively and literally. The hard chemical matrix of an epoxy coat protects the floor beneath it from forces and tensions above it. Best of all, it makes the floor look good while guarding it.

What Epoxy Flooring Provides Warehouses

West Coast Epoxy offers epoxy topcoats of various grades and strengths based on the specifications of our warehouse customers. For facilities that see massive forms of machines and material, we offer trowel level coatings. This is the densest form of epoxy coating and provides the best strength for your slab surface.

Epoxy Flooring Add-ons

In addition to traditional epoxy topcoats, West Coast Epoxy also offers signage, striping, and markings built into the coatings. Guarded beneath an enduring coating, these surface markings are resilient and durable. Make your warehouse a secure property by clearly indicating lanes of flow, safe areas, and danger areas with your epoxy flooring.

Epoxy coats for warehouses also limit the level of maintenance and cleaning your location will require. First, they are simple to sanitize. A dust mop and vacuum is enough in most cases. If you request coved coating, your walls are also protected and preserved. Visualize an extra-thick coat of epoxy that continues up the wall to maintain the drywall and plaster from scrapes and dings and you then comprehend the advantage of the coved flooring option.

Epoxy Coatings for San Leandro from West Coast Epoxy

If you are ready to install a layer of epoxy for your new warehouse, call West Coast Epoxy. If you desire to repair your concrete surfaces and want to protect them afterwards with epoxy coats, call West Coast Epoxy. Either way, our skill, experience, and superior product lines will assist you to have a pristine and protected warehouse, saving you time and money. Contact West Coast Epoxy in San Leandro for help today!
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