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Metallic Epoxy Flooring in San Leandro, CA

Metallic FloorOne of the favorite styles of paint jobs for fancy cars is sparkling metallic. These dazzling paint schemes add dimension that grabs the attention and holds it! Lustrous adjustments in color result from the iridescent effects and fascinating sparkles created by thousands of small shiny particles. Can a concrete floor match these most impressive paint jobs? Yes, and West Coast Epoxy is a metallic flooring specialist excited to add brilliance to your concrete flooring!

What Makes the Brilliance?

Metallic epoxies combine durable glossy top coats with colored undercoats and sparkling mica or metal nanoparticles. In addition to selecting different colors of base coatings, you may also decide upon different colored nanoparticles for a variety of special effects. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Iridescence — Visualize the feathers of a hummingbird or peacock and you can imagine the effect of iridescence. When applied on epoxy coatings, the floor changes color, based on the source of light or viewpoint.
  • Pearlescence — This effect is similar to that of iridescence, but with a focus on matching the subtle colors produced by pearls or opals reminding you of a rainbow or the colorful light of prisms.
  • Sparkle — Metallic and mica particles are outstanding light reflectors. Decrease or increase the sparkle by altering the number or size of nanoparticles in the epoxy.
  • Gloss — Gloss and shine are closely related words. Essentially, the level of gloss your floor has tells you exactly how much it shines while shine describes the amount of light reflected from the surface. Therefore, the glossier a surface, the more it will shine.
  • Depth — By skillfully adjusting the pigment layers, collecting nanoparticles in some areas while at the same time leaving fewer in others, our craftworkers create a sense of 3D. Depth, movement, waves, currents, atmosphere, and more are suggested by an artfully designed and executed metallic floor.

With a metallic flooring design from West Coast Epoxy, you are sure that your floor will be like no others! To see the fascinating possibilities with metallic epoxy coatings in San Leandro, connect with the professionals at West Coast Epoxy.
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