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Epoxy TextureFrom pathways to restaurant kitchens, color granules are the finest choice for areas requiring a textured floor. We also use color granules for coving systems, where the walls need protection from moisture or dents from traffic. Color granules lend roughness for anti-slip flooring, but do not ruin the inherent anti-microbial functions of epoxy. Nor do they make it tedious to maintain your floors. On the contrary, colored granules add a variety of benefits to any epoxy floor, including:

  • Surprising strength and durability;
  • Resistance to UV, chemicals, abrasives, gouges and scratching;
  • A wide array of color possibilities;
  • Various sizes of granule diameter to achieve desired level of texture;
  • Demonstrated success in commercial, public and industrial locations.

Use our website to compare the upgrades with colored granules for epoxy floors. Finding it a challenge to narrow down your selections? West Coast Epoxy has a wealth of samples to help you decide on the best appearance and texture for your Rocklin epoxy coating. Feel free to call us or arrange an on-site consult for your industrial, commercial or residential property.
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