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Epoxy Flooring for Hallways in Rocklin, CA

The word 'BENEFITS' in large, distressed white stencil-style font centered on a slate chalkboard background, conveying a strong message or heading related to advantages or positive aspects of a subject.Hallways — they extend on and on, they experience constant foot traffic, and they are the one area that nearly everyone sees. So, hallways need a lot of cleaning and maintenance to remain presentable. And the longer the hallway is, the additional the cost becomes if you choose carpet, tile, wood, or other materials for design and protection of the floors. At this point, epoxy coatings from West Coast Epoxy becomes your best option in Rocklin.

Epoxy Flooring Maintenance is Simple

On the matter of cleaning and maintenance, epoxy floors need minimal attention to look great. In large part, that’s because the polyurethane coatings used to finish epoxy coats are resilient and stand up to the types of scratches and damage that are expected with other floors. Waxing is not needed to give epoxy topcoats a quality shine. A dust mop is generally the perfect solution and all that is required to keep epoxy floors looking terrific.

Lower Cost on Installation

Volume discounts are something that all project managers love to include in their expense calculations. In this case, epoxy flooring has one of the perfect volume discounts in relation to other flooring types. With larger applications, epoxy coatings are more time efficient when reasoning on labor costs and cheaper by square foot. Each project is unique, and cost is always based on the products and materials chosen, but you can be certain that epoxy flooring is very competitive in the cost factor.

Learn More About Epoxy Coats for Hallways

Finally, epoxy floors are offered in a broad variety of colors and patterns, from simple to lavish. For industrial or commercial uses, various thicknesses of topcoat are possible, along with coved flooring to maintain the base of walls from carts and delivery dollies. Chemical resistance with UV protection is also provided, as requested by your company. Learn more about epoxy flooring in Rocklin by contacting West Coast Epoxy by phone or via our direct to use online form.
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