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Concrete Polishing in Rocklin, CA

Polished ConcreteWith the wonders of concrete polishing, we can take your concrete renovation beyond a simple change in color and texture. We can make it reflective like glass. The specialists at West Coast Epoxy are ready to bring your concrete flooring to the next level.

The Concrete Polishing Process

Our first step is grinding of the concrete to eliminate blemishes, imperfections and spots. Throughout this first stage we utilize industrial vacuums to keep all resulting dust off of your floor and out of the air. Next, we refloat cracks and faults in the flooring to ensure a level and solid surface on which to proceed. Your flooring is now ready for a thorough infusion of enduring color hand-picked by you. The floor is now ready for final sealing. Thanks to the initial step of concrete grinding, the sealer will be able to adhere solidly to create a mirror like finish. The sealer is available in a wide variety of colors and can be applied in different levels of thickness based on the anticipated level of traffic.

Concrete polishing is an amazing flooring treatment for both homes and businesses, creating highly decorative and durable finishes that are scratch and chemical resistant. If you want a beautiful, durable and low maintenance floor, then concrete polishing is a great option for you!

To discuss more about the color selections and options for concrete polishing available, contact the team at West Coast Epoxy of Rocklin today by calling 916-531-1874, or utilize our contact form to request a free quote.

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