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Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Manteca, CA

Industrial EpoxyIndustrial buildings necessitate concrete floors that are stronger than average. Large equipment, 24-hour traffic, potential spills, and the desire for a clean workplace require that the floor be coated to guard against undue stains, wear, and safety hazards. In consideration of industrial needs, epoxy researchers designed coatings to solve these heavy-duty issues. With assistance from West Coast Epoxy, businesses in Manteca can take advantage of these superior flooring materials to protect and preserve their building foundations.

What Industrial Epoxy Needs

Epoxy coatings provide the longevity required to preserve and protect concrete flooring. Trowel grade epoxies provide a strengthening barrier between the underlying concrete and the shaking, frictions, and shocks that are an ordinary part of industrial operations. Epoxy coatings absorb some of these forces, acting as a safety net above the concrete.

Certain industries require protection from chemical vapors or spills. Others need their concrete to be impervious to liquid and oil absorption. Still others require dust-free rooms, without cracks, or depressions in the floor that can mask contaminants. Epoxy coatings can fix all these issues, based on the formulations employed in the topcoat. West Coast Epoxy has the solution to keep your floors sanitary and protected from industrial operations.

Of foremost concern is the safety of workers and visitors to your industrial property. Epoxy coatings give the opportunity to create colored areas and lanes of traffic that clearly mark out where materials, people, and vehicles should and should not be on the work floor and in warehouses. Non-slip floors are a must for wet or oily environments and slopes become safer if epoxy coated with slip-resistant materials. Discuss your requirements for industrial floor coatings with West Coast Epoxy and they will provide the solutions you want!
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