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Epoxy Flooring in Manteca, CA

Concrete Epoxy FlooringWest Coast Epoxy lends the best quality epoxy foundation flooring systems in Manteca. With many years of real field tests, we selected the best manufacturers and coatings available. While other companies may give you less expensive products, West Coast Epoxy knows that quality determines the toughness and style of the final product.

Installing Epoxy Floors

West Coast Epoxy uses a tried and tested diamond grinder to prepare your concrete. This cleans the concrete and preps it to meld right with the epoxy, creating a more resilient bond. To halt the spread of dust, we use a high quality vacuum with strong HEPA filtration to effectively collect any concrete particles and keep the property pristine.

Afterwards, our company lays on a wicking epoxy that works its way into the pores and irregularities in your floor. Once it dries, the epoxy is attached to the concrete for life! No peeling, no bubbling, guaranteed!

After the base coat application is complete, then comes the color coat. This is when your preselected choices in color, pattern, and texture are laid. At the end, a transparent topcoat covers everything to seal it and give it protection from ultraviolet light and scratching.

For Industrial, Commercial and Residential Customers

Find out how West Coast Epoxy revitalizes and protects your concrete surfaces! By adjusting our process, products, and materials, we serve Residential, Commercial, and Industrial customers. Give us a call or inquire about a consultation online. West Coast Epoxy serves businesses and residences in Manteca, Northern California, and the West Coast!
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