Concrete Polishing in Manteca, CA

Concrete PolishingSometimes you require more than a concrete overlay or would like more than a simple change in texture or color. At times you may prefer your concrete floor to shine, reflecting beauty like a mirror. West Coast Epoxy can stain and seal your concrete floor, but we can go even further, and give it a glossy shine with concrete polishing.

How We Polish Concrete

Here are the typical steps employed when polishing concrete:

  • Grinding – A strong grind of the present concrete prevents anomalies and guarantees the floor sealers bond permanently. We use premium industrial vacuum machinery to remove the dust produced during the grind.
  • Leveling – Areas with cracks, deterioration, or faults are refloated to the same level as the rest of the concrete. This way the polish is completely even.
  • Staining – Your concrete floor is infused, not just coated, with a color stain of your choice. Any requested patterns are also added at this time. Stains can be heavy, hiding the concrete grain, or translucent, enabling patterns in the concrete to shine through like polished wood.
  • Clear protective coat – Floor sealers applied above the polished floor fill the pores and bring out the impressive gloss. These clear sealers bond to the smooth surface with considerable strength, creating a floor that is very low maintenance. For areas where heavy traffic is expected, we apply a thicker coat of protective sealers to compensate.

Once concrete polishing is finished, your glossy, colorful floors are essentially protected from stains, wear, and scratching. Clean up is simpler, requiring far less care than carpet, wood, or linoleum. West Coast Epoxy offers concrete polishing for floors in residences and business or industrial warehouses of all types and sizes.

If you would like to talk about the options for adding a durable, shiny coating to your concrete floor, please reach out to West Coast Epoxy in Manteca, or use our online form to request a free site visit and quote.

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