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Epoxy Flooring For Commercial Kitchens in Livermore, CA

Many restaurants in Livermore have a concrete surface for their kitchen flooring. Some proprietors have decided to remodel their kitchens by ripping up their vinyl tiles or flooring to expose the concrete and apply epoxy coatings instead. New diners currently being designed or renovated use epoxy flooring for their kitchens as the first choice. So, here is a list of common inquiries about epoxy topcoats in the kitchen along with their answers.

Are Concrete Floors Too Harsh?

The comparison between a concrete floor and other flooring forms uncovers only slight differences regarding comfort in kitchens. You are certainly not adding carpet in a kitchen! Vinyl may seem a little less demanding, but the difference is ultimately only slight, and toughness is an issue. Cork is one of the finest flooring materials for comfort but has major issues with sanitation. Epoxy flooring can be produced with a sense of give by using special kinds of polyurethane and varying the height of the material. If you use rubber mats in your kitchen anyway, the option of flooring ideally should be decided upon by other factors.

Is Coated Concrete Easy to Clean?

Epoxy floors are seamless, so no food or bacteria can get stuck between cracks, seams, or grout lines. Microorganisms have very little to hang onto. Restaurant kitchen employees appreciate the ability to easily wash the flooring by hosing it down with water, then using a squeegee to send the water down the drain. By selecting the option of coved floors, the bottom of your walls is also defended from spills and scuffs. A quick mopping with some water and cleaning solvent is all that is necessary to resolve spills and preserve sanitation.

Is Coated Concrete Too Slippery?

Many people believe epoxy floors are extremely slippery when wet. A high gloss epoxy floor certainly has that feature, but that style of floor is for showrooms and retail stores, not for kitchens. Instead, your kitchen must have an epoxy coating that improves safety with a no-slip finish, so that you and your crew can maintain a safe traction even if there’s an unexpected spill. And with coved flooring, you do not have to worry about a spill causing damage by slipping under the wall.

Choose Epoxy Floors in Your Kitchen

Clearly, using epoxy coats in Livermore for your kitchen has surprising advantages. But you may have further questions. We’d love to provide you the answers. West Coast Epoxy has years of experience and skill with the installation of epoxy coatings, surface stains, polishes, and overlays. Give us a call. Or if you like, you can schedule a free onsite consultation with our experienced installers using our online form. Any kitchen in Livermore is bound to benefit from epoxy topcoats!
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