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Concrete Polishing in Livermore, CA

Concrete PolishingPolished Concrete

When you want your floor to look glossy, look no further than the concrete polishing techniques from West Coast Epoxy in Livermore. We polish concrete using cutting-edge concrete tech to stain, polish and then protect your new colored concrete floor.

How We Polish Concrete

Our process starts with an aggressive treatment of the concrete’s top layer to remove any imperfections. While grinding the concrete, we use high-quality industrial machines that vacuum all the dust produced to keep it off the floor and out of the environment. After grinding, spots with deterioration or faults are refloated to provide a level and solid surface. This prepares the concrete for a complete and durable infusion with your selected color. The grinding process also ensures the strong adhesion of floor sealers that promote a virtual mirror finish. A wide variety of colors are offered, and a thicker application of the clear protective layer is available if heavy traffic is commonplace.

Once concrete polishing is completed, your reflective, colorful floors are effectively defended from stains, scratching and wear. Maintenance is easier, requiring far less care than linoleum, carpet or wood. West Coast Epoxy provides concrete polishing for floors in homes and industrial or business properties of all types and sizes.

For more details about your options in concrete polishing, such as adding metallic sparkle, swirl and depth to your concrete, call West Coast Epoxy in Livermore today!
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