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Epoxy Flooring in Livermore, CA

Concrete Epoxy FlooringVarious companies provide different kinds of epoxy coating systems for concrete – but not all providers are the same. After years spent testing nearly all the products sold, West Coast Epoxy knows exactly which ones to lay down in Livermore. We lay down only the optimal quality materials, so you can rest assured that the floors will endure significant use while looking beautiful!

Installing Epoxy Floors

West Coast Epoxy uses a professional-grade diamond grinder to prepare your concrete. This scours the concrete and preps it to adhere right with the epoxy, forging a longer-lasting bond. To halt the spread of concrete dust, we use a professional strength vacuum with powerful HEPA filtration to effectively grab any concrete particulates and keep your property dust-free.

When the prep is completed, a wicking epoxy is applied onto the concrete. This resilient material flows into all the small pores and hairline cracks in the concrete to cover it thoroughly. These imperfections increase the adhesion to your concrete. Now the epoxy flooring will protect your concrete for its lifetime.

After the base coat application is complete, then comes the color coat. This is when your previous selections in texture, color and pattern are layered. At the end, a clear topcoat covers it all to seal it and provide protection from UV damage and scratching.

For Residential, Industrial and Commercial Customers

By altering the depth of the epoxy, the chemical ingredients and the texture, West Coast Epoxy installs epoxy floors suitable for Industrial, Residential and Commercial use. A straightforward phone call or online request ensures a free consultation to assess your needs. We serve homes and businesses in Livermore, as well as throughout Northern California and beyond.
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