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Epoxy Flooring for Airplane Hangars in Livermore, CA

Airplane hanger with a plane. The flooring is epoxy coated in gray with yellow guidelines to show where the plane should sit. There is equipment around the plane for working on the plane for repairs and maintenance.Epoxy coats are renowned as the perfect covering for concrete garage floors. And the hugest of all garages is an airplane hangar! So, if your favored type of transportation has wings, you ideally should consider West Coast Epoxy in Livermore for safeguarding the concrete in your hangar with resilient and durable epoxy coats.

Epoxy Coatings — Preferred by Aviators

When you research what pilots prefer for coating their hangar floors, epoxy topcoats are continuously mentioned. Hot tires adhere to concrete, but not epoxy coatings. Engine work causes drips and spots, but not on coated concrete. States one pilot: “I have had an epoxy floor in my hangar going on 9 years now and it still looks new.”

Why Use Epoxy Coatings for Hangars

Because most hangars are quite large, providing sufficient lighting is difficult. Lights are placed at a high elevation to accommodate space for airplanes, while the planes themselves cast significant shadows. Epoxy coatings help solve these issues with their outstanding reflectivity, directing all available light upwards to increase visibility in the work area.

Another benefit to epoxy coatings is the ability to embed parking lines and safety markings right into the floor coating. That way, you don’t have to worry about paint getting scraped and faded, or surface applications losing grip over time. A well-delineated hangar is a safer and more effective workspace, and epoxy coats reinforce both of those qualities. And if you are concerned about friction when the hangar floor is slick or wet, ask that non-slip additives be incorporated in your epoxy topcoat.

You want your hangar space to look just as beautiful as your airplane! Epoxy coatings support creating the appearance you want, with color-matching options to meet your needs. For more information and to schedule an on-site consultation, contact West Coast Epoxy over the phone or online today!
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