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Coved Flooring Systems in Lafayette, CA

Floors with CovesSome areas of a business or home need a regular hose down or frequent mop cleaning. Others see considerable splashing of fluids due to cooking, manufacturing or processing. When liquids seep into plaster, they cause damage over time. Thankfully, West Coast Epoxy offers an option that keeps fluids from penetrating – coved flooring. Coving continues the epoxy floor coating up the wall, making an unbroken surface from floor to wall. Like the lip of a plate, coving keeps liquids from sliding “out of bounds.”

Benefits of Coved Floors

Coving has many pros, especially for cleaning and maintenance and building endurance. This surface level barrier preserves the integrity of the structure and halts the appearance of bacteria and mildew. It eases cleaning by allowing wall to wall sanitation without regard for exterior finishes.

For more information about coved flooring, please call West Coast Epoxy, or specify a free consultation online. We’d be ready to discuss how coving helps beautify and protect your workplace or home. Timely service is provided in Lafayette every week of the year.
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