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Urethane Concrete in Lafayette, CA

Urethane concrete is the strongest form of coating that West Coast Epoxy can install. Although a trowel-grade epoxy coating is really long-lasting, urethane concrete (also named urethane cement) is even stronger. That is because it uses urethane to bind together an engineered cement powder that when 100% cured has the flex of epoxy combined with the strength of concrete. The width of urethane concrete topcoats may also be stretched to limits not seen with commonplace epoxy coatings, and the material retains its ability to be shaped for use with coved and beveled floors.

Optimal Applications for Urethane Cement

Even though epoxy coats are ideal for coating concrete exposed to cold and hot substances on a continuing basis, the concrete underneath still faces thermal expansion and contraction from the changes in floor temperatures. By installing a thick layer of urethane concrete over the foundation of those locations, not only do you strengthen the floor, but you additionally upgrade its thermal resistance. This makes urethane concrete useful for plants, factories and workshops.

Urethane Concrete is Customizable

Use colored urethane concrete to match existing flooring schemes, or to make new ones. Differentiate work zones with color. West Coast Epoxy can help you decide upon the best shades, depending on the needs. Superior protection and decoration are achieved simultaneously when you apply this modern product. You may contact us online or on the phone for help in Lafayette and West Coast Epoxy will rapidly assist you with urethane concrete!
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