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Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Fair Oaks, CA

Industrial Epoxy Coatings

When your Fair Oaks business is industrial, you need flooring that is safe and long-lasting. Many people figure that common concrete is such a surface, but repeated vibrations, big loads, forceful impacts or damaging chemicals all cause significant stresses on a floor. This leads to flying chunks, cracks, wear, and stains. By carefully studying the different stresses placed on concrete by each industry, epoxy technicians created coatings to protect foundations from almost any challenge. As an experienced epoxy coating business in Fair Oaks, West Coast Epoxy is familiar with these materials and has the necessary team to quickly treat new concrete, or to renovate and protect old concrete for industrial specifications.

Needs of Industrial Epoxy

Epoxy coatings provide the durability essential to defend concrete flooring. Trowel grade epoxies provide a strengthening safety net between the underlying concrete and the shaking, scrapings and impacts that are a regular part of industrial operations. Epoxy coatings absorb a part of these forces, acting as a barrier over the concrete.

Some industries desire protection from chemical vapors or spills. Others need their floors to be impervious to liquid and oil absorption. Still others require thoroughly dust-free rooms, without cracks, or microholes in the concrete that can cover contaminants. Epoxy coatings can fix all of these challenges, depending on the formulas used in the topcoat. West Coast Epoxy has the solution to keep your floors clean and protected and preserved from industrial operations.

Safety in industry is essential to maintain life, health and productivity. Safety also lessens overhead. Epoxy coatings are possible in a vast range of colors to mark out secure zones, transit lanes and work areas. By laying durable stripes, pattern, symbols and color, West Coast Epoxy delineates the entire property in a helpful way. Safety may also determine a non-slip surface is needed. We can provide that as well. Trust our experience to make your industrial floor a better, safer place for visitors and employees.
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