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Concrete Overlays in Fair Oaks, CA

Years of wear and consistent use take a toll on any floor, including concrete. If left without maintenance, a concrete floor usually develops uneven surfaces, pits and cracks. Before installing a color stain, sealant, or epoxy coating, it’s vital to restore problem concrete by resurfacing with a concrete overlay. Trust West Coast Epoxy to improve your floor in Fair Oaks!

West Coast Epoxy is very experienced with this treatment. Overlaying concrete correctly requires preparing a special formula of sand, polymers and cement. The polymers ensure the overlay secures a permanent bond with the original concrete, while the cement evens everything out, providing a perfectly level plane. Additionally, the overlay ingredients can be modified to make it simpler to apply a specific coating, whether it is sealant or epoxy coating.

Adding on a concrete overlay might sound like something you could do on your own. Yet, getting the mix right is difficult and delicate – improperly done, the overlay peels or chips, resulting in something worse than the original. West Coast Epoxy has the essential experience to make the right overlay for any floor, then applying it correctly for a perfect surface. Whether you simply want a concrete overlay or plan to use it as a first step to upgrade your concrete floor, contact West Coast Epoxy. We are happy to talk about all your options over the phone, online, and in person.
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