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Epoxy Colors and Textures in Concord, CA

Epoxy flooring for concrete offers a noted array of color possibilities. First, you have the base coat that covers the concrete. That is the initial color selection. Afterwards comes picking micas, flakes, or granules to scatter onto the epoxy. These all have their own specific qualities and come in single colors or color mixes. At the end, a clear topcoat seals everything together and protects your epoxy coating from scratching, stains, and wear. Here are some functions of each type of texture.

Color Flakes

Chips of solid colors scattered in a randomized pattern contrast with your base coat – and you do not need to stop with one style of flake. You can add flakes of a variety of color combinations to further enliven your floor, complementing your interior design. Develop your options on sports team colors, logo colors, or something 100% personal. The choices are basically endless!

Micas for Epoxy Floors

Color micas lend sheen to a floor and make it glossy! Think how granite reflects light, and you have the effect from mica. The Mayans treasured the decorative qualities of mica, adding it to some of their structures for a lustrous effect. You can employ this same method by adding mica flakes to your epoxy floors.

Color Granules

If you desire texture and color for your epoxy floor, granules are your best choice. Granules are colored particles that give grip to inclined or slippery floors. If your concrete sees a lot of spills or has potential for slips and falls, granules offer an extra level of traction, and they do it in solid colors or color combinations.

Special Ordering Flakes, Micas or Granules

For more details about any of these design options for epoxy flooring, feel free to keep reading their individual pages on our website. If you have a question about a certain color combo, we would enjoy discussing it. Please contact us online or give West Coast Epoxy a call at 916-531-1874.

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