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Epoxy Flooring For Commercial Kitchens in Concord, CA

There are some worries about concrete flooring that we at West Coast Epoxy respond to on a fairly regular basis. When a client is thinking about using an epoxied concrete floor in a professional kitchen, for example, they are typically equating it to what they may experience with a tile or vinyl surface. So here are some answers to these common worries about concrete flooring in industrial kitchens that we hear in the Concord area.

Rough Concrete Underfoot?

The comparison between a concrete floor and other flooring types uncovers only slight differences regarding comfort in kitchens. You’re certainly not choosing carpet for a kitchen! Vinyl may look slightly more forgiving, but the disparity is ultimately only slight, and toughness is a problem. Cork is one of the perfect surfaces for comfort but has considerable issues with maintenance. Epoxy flooring can be designed with a sense of give by using specific forms of polyurethane and modifying the depth of the substance. If you use rubber runners in your kitchen anyway, the selection of flooring should be decided upon by other factors.

Kitchen Clean Up

Epoxy flooring has no cracks or joints, so there’s no place for hair, dirt, bacteria, old food, or other contaminants to get stuck. There is no grout to scour and clean. Ordinarily, the only maintenance that an epoxy flooring needs is a mop cleaning. Adding coved flooring stretches the resilience of epoxy coats up the walls of your kitchen from a matter of inches to more than a foot, protecting your floors and walls from spills and nicks with delivery dollies and carts.

Are Epoxy Floors Okay for Work?

It is factual that shiny epoxy floors in retail stores and showrooms can be slippery when wet, but their floors focus on appearance, not functionality. That does not hold true when you use epoxy coatings for a kitchen floor. By adding texture or a no-slip finish to your epoxy coatings, your surface can have more friction than tile or vinyl. In fact, many business kitchens in restaurants use epoxy flooring because they offer more resilient grip with the proper topcoat.

How Can I Get Epoxy Flooring for My Kitchen?

Of course, you perhaps have other questions about using epoxy floors in your commercial kitchen. West Coast Epoxy has the ability, expertise, training, and skill to answer them all honestly and completely. Please contact our office by phone or use our online form to send us your questions, and we will reply with clear answers. We are happy to help you in achieving the practical kitchen floor that you have been looking for!
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