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Once you decide upon your epoxy color, you can boost it with color flakes. Color flakes are flat chips of material with random size. They often contrast with the base color of your epoxy flooring, and West Coast Epoxy can even use two or three colors to complement the underlying epoxy coat.

The Pros of Color Flakes

It is completely acceptable to simply use a solid color for your epoxy flooring, but many customers enjoy the dimension, texture, and variety created by using flakes in the decor. Along with these functions, color flakes offer the following advantages:

  • Flake combinations mix in with multi-hue color schemes.
  • Flakes vary in diameter — from one inch to as tiny as 1/32nd inch in diameter.
  • Color flakes are ultraviolet light resistant.
  • Flakes do not have to compromise a level finish.
  • Random flake patterns hide imperfections in your concrete floor.

Customers use a range of considerations when choosing the color flakes, such as preferred colors, creating a seasonal feel (spring, summer, fall, or winter), team colors, camouflage, or simply using the color wheel — many possibilities are offered with color flakes and colored epoxy floors.

Use the West Coast Epoxy website to narrow the selections and request to look at samples during your consultation visit. Selecting the right color combination for your concrete floor is critical to us. West Coast Epoxy wants to live up to our reputation in Antioch by providing the color flakes of your choice for concrete epoxy flooring!
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