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Epoxy Flooring for Airplane Hangars in Antioch, CA

Airplane hanger with a plane. The flooring is epoxy coated in gray with yellow guidelines to show where the plane should sit. There is equipment around the plane for working on the plane for repairs and maintenance.The finest way to protect concrete floors is to coat them with epoxy flooring. Garages are a typical location for epoxy coats, primarily to protect the concrete from tire marks and oil stains.  One of the biggest garage spaces is in reality an aircraft hangar! The larger the space, the more critical it is to have a skilled and professional installer, like the crew at West Coast Epoxy in Antioch.

Epoxy Flooring — Favored by Pilots

When you research what pilots prefer for covering their hangar floors, epoxy coatings are regularly mentioned. Hot tires bond to concrete, but not epoxy coatings. Engine work causes drips and spots, but not on epoxy coated concrete. States one pilot: “I have had an epoxy floor in my hangar going on 9 years now and it still looks new.”

Why Request Epoxy Flooring for Hangars

Because most hangars are quite sizable, providing sufficient lighting is a challenge.  Lights are placed at a high elevation to allow space for airplanes, while the planes themselves cast significant shadows. Epoxy topcoats help fix these challenges with their superior reflectivity, directing all available light upwards to improve visibility in the work location.

Hangars are also substantially improved by embedding safety marks and positioning lines right into the floor surface. This ensures such instructive labels are protected and easy to see. A variety of bright and vibrant colors are provided to make sure your hangar space is as secure and effectively used as possible. West Coast Epoxy also provides the ever-critical option of adding a non-slip coating to your epoxy floor covering. That way, inclement weather will not affect the traction in your hangar space.

Epoxy topcoats are a flexible and productive way to protect and beautify your hangar floor. Save time with installation and complete a high end look by employing expert installers to protect your hangar concrete. Talk to West Coast Epoxy to find out more about designing your hangar floor to fit your company or plane colors. Call or reach out to us online to initiate your customized hangar epoxy floor project in Antioch!
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