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Warehouse Floor Epoxy in Antioch, CA

Industrial EpoxyWarehouse floors take a pounding due to repeated traffic with pallet jacks, forklifts, loaded carts, and more. Without sufficient foundation endurance, even concrete begins to wear and develop impressions in areas that are heavily trafficked. This is where epoxy coatings for concrete floor really sparkle, both literally and figuratively. The tough chemical composition of an epoxy coat cushions and protects the substrate beneath it from demands and loads above it. Best of all, it makes the floor look good while protecting it.

What We Provide for Warehouses

Every warehouse confronts its own challenges. West Coast Epoxy creates your epoxy coating based on your special specifications. If you use big machines and store thick products and materials, you demand trowel grade epoxy top coats. Chemical companies want resistant kinds of epoxy that can stand the worst kinds of spills. Our skills and experience mean that your Antioch company receives the flooring you want for maximal benefit.

Epoxy Flooring Add-ons

Besides standard epoxy top coats, West Coast Epoxy also offers markings designed into the flooring. Guarded beneath a durable topcoat, these floor markings are resilient and durable. Make your warehouse a safer property by clearly indicating lanes of travel, safe areas, and danger zones via your epoxy coating.

Coved flooring is another commonly specified upgrade for warehouses due to the regularity of bumps and scuffs on walls from the use of lifts, implements, or carts. By applying the epoxy coat a specified height above the floor and up the surface of the walls, you protect both the walls and floors from harm. This limits your cleaning and maintenance costs and improves the style of your workspace.

Contact West Coast Epoxy for Epoxy Coatings in Antioch

For more information about what West Coast Epoxy offers for epoxy coatings in Antioch warehouses, contact us online or on the phone. Request information about our customizable options designed to match the needs of your company. With many offerings designed to boost the quality, safety and durability aspects of your floors, West Coast Epoxy is here to help you have a better and more efficient warehouse.

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