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Coved Flooring Systems in Yuba City, CA

Floors with CovesDo you desire a seamless coved flooring system that rises from the concrete and up the walls by 4 to 10 inches? Then look no further than West Coast Epoxy! We offer coved flooring for our clientele in Yuba City. All of our choices for epoxy flooring and concrete polishing applications are available with coved flooring. That means West Coast Epoxy can design your floors with a finish that is both practical and decorative.

Advantages of Coved Floors

Coved floors not only protect your walls, but it makes them look good too! These applications are also an effective protectant for drywall or plaster that is regularly scuffed or bumped by carts, implements, or lifts. Coving thus keeps your walls looking neat!

For inquiries about coved flooring, please call West Coast Epoxy, or request a free consultation online. We are prepared to discuss how coving helps beautify and protect any workplace or home. Regular, quick service is offered in Yuba City every week of the year.

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