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Epoxy Flooring For Commercial Kitchens in Woodland, CA

There are some worries about concrete floors that we at West Coast Epoxy receive on a regular basis. When a client is thinking about using a color stained concrete foundation in an industrial kitchen, for example, they are typically comparing it to what they might witness with a tile or vinyl surface. So here are some replies to these common concerns about concrete floors in commercial kitchens that we hear in the Woodland area.

Are Concrete Floors Too Rough?

Tile floors are not known for being comfy. Epoxy coatings can be modified so that it has a feel of give as you step on it. No matter the type of coating used underneath, most eateries and professional kitchens decide upon rubber matting to cushion the legs and feet.

Kitchen Clean Up

A high-grade color stained or epoxied concrete base features a polyurethane sealer that is basically just as strong as the sealants we use on garage flooring and service areas with heavy traffic. Carts won’t scuff it. Liquids can’t stain it. Falling tools won’t leave a dent. When it comes to strength, toughness and ease of cleanliness, coated concrete typically comes out on top.

Is Coated Concrete Too Slippery?

It is true that shiny epoxy flooring in retail stores and showrooms can be slippery when wet, but their flooring focuses on appearance, not functionality. That doesn’t hold true when you implement epoxy coatings for a kitchen floor. By adding roughness or a no-slip finish to your epoxy topcoats, your floor can have more traction than tile or vinyl. In fact, many industrial kitchens in restaurants use epoxy coatings because they offer more resilient anti-slip with the proper topcoat.

Decide upon Epoxy Flooring in Your Kitchen

Clearly, using epoxy coatings in Woodland for your kitchen has surprising benefits. But you might have further questions. We would love to help you with the answers. West Coast Epoxy has years of experience and skill with the application of epoxy coatings, surface stains, polishes, and overlays. Give us a call. Or if you like, you can schedule a free onsite consultation with our professionals using our online form. Any kitchen in Woodland is bound to benefit from epoxy coatings!
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