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Metallic Epoxy Flooring in Woodland, CA

Metallic Style FlooringOne of the most requested styles of paint jobs for custom cars is sparkling metallic. These dazzling paint schemes add dimensionality to catch the attention and hold it! Beautiful alterations in color come from the iridescent effects and fascinating sparkles created by thousands of miniscule shiny particles. Can a concrete foundation match these most impressive paint jobs? West Coast Epoxy is a metallic flooring specialist eager to add luxury to your concrete floors!

What Creates the Sparkle?

Metallic epoxies combine durable gloss topcoats with pigmented undercoats and sparkling metal or mica nanoparticles. In addition to picking different colors of base coats, you may also choose different colored nanoparticles for a variety of special effects. Here are some of the options:

  • Iridescence— Imagine the feathers of a peacock and you can visualize the effect of iridescence. When applied on epoxy coatings, the floor changes color, based on the source of light or viewpoint.
  • Pearlescence— Akin to iridescence, pearlescence is more subdued with the color altering effect, resembling the lustre of abalone or pearls. This light effect reminds you of looking through a prism or the vibrance of a rainbow.
  • Sparkle— Metallic and mica particles are excellent light reflectors. Increase or decrease the sparkliness by adjusting the size and number of nanoparticles in the epoxy.
  • Depth— By skillfully adjusting the pigment layers, collecting nanoparticles in some areas as well as leaving fewer in others, our craftworkers create a sense of three-dimensionality. Depth, motion, waves, current, atmosphere and more are suggested by an artfully designed and executed metallic floor.
  • Gloss— Gloss and shine are closely related words. Essentially, the intensity of gloss your floor has tells you approximately how much it shines. And shine represents the amount of light reflected from a surface. Thus, the glossier a surface, the more it shines.

With a metallic flooring design from West Coast Epoxy, you are guaranteed that your floors will be like no others! To find out more about the attractive possibilities with metallic floor coatings, talk with the experts at West Coast Epoxy in Woodland.
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