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Concrete Overlays in Woodland, CA

Years of wear and continuous use take a toll on any floor, including concrete. If left by itself, a concrete foundation usually develops pits, uneven surfaces and cracks. Before installing a color stain, sealant, or epoxy coating, it is important to restore problem concrete by resurfacing with a concrete overlay. Trust West Coast Epoxy to improve your floor in Woodland!

If an overlay is needed, West Coast Epoxy preps and revitalizes your concrete by applying a mix of cement, polymers and sand. The polymers help the resurfacing material to remain securely attached to the original concrete, while the cement smooths out imperfections and lends a firm surface for the following application of concrete coloring, concrete polishing, or epoxy coating. You may also ask for concrete overlays simply to repair existing floors.

Concrete resurfacing is best left to the pros, as it is difficult to get a smooth finish and enduring results. The specific system used by West Coast Epoxy, combined with professional materials, equipment, and experience, lead to a better product and greater strength for the new concrete surface. For more info and a free quotation, call us in Woodland at 916-531-1874.
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