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If you want natural-looking epoxy floors, choose colored micas. Mica is a common mineral in multiple California mountain ranges, lending shininess to granite and other rocks. It comes in different natural colors and slices easily into thin sheets that are broken down into a variety of sizes. When added to an epoxy floor, colored micas lend it the look of granite, and in the hues of your selection. They simultaneously provide a metallic shine that makes your concrete floor glisten with beauty.

Advantages of Colored Micas

A few of the pros of color micas include:

  • their natural source makes them UV light stable and colorfast;
  • mica has exceptional chemical resistance;
  • metallic sheen is a noteworthy feature of colored micas;
  • it is extremely durable and resilient;
  • they are possible in multiple hues.

To choose a color mica scheme for your concrete floors, look at our blends, solids and custom possibilities. West Coast Epoxy always makes certain that our clientele in West Sacramento and Northern California have plenty of opportunity to pick the pattern that meets their desired aesthetic before adding this beautiful, natural type of flooring decoration.

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