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Trowel Grade Epoxy Flooring in West Sacramento, CA

When Strength is a Demand

Trowel Grade EpoxyTrowel grade epoxy is the ultimate concrete coat for thickness and durability! For heavy-duty workshops, industrial workshops, chemical plants, and factories, trowel grade coatings are optimal. They handle greater mass, caustics, and traffic. If your floor takes much punishment, it needs a trowel grade epoxy coating.

With heavier coats comes extra time for curing. Optimally, trowel grade epoxy is applied at temperatures of seventy degrees Fahrenheit, F or above. Below that, and the epoxy, with its clear coat, takes longer to cure. Optimal curing time is 8-12 hours for each coating. The final curing, when ordinary usage can resume, is after seven days. Below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, F, trowel grade coatings are best not tried.

Trowel grade necessitates real skill and experience to lay down properly. West Coast Epoxy has the staff and equipment necessary to cover the specifications of any industrial or commercial property. For more information about the installation of trowel grade concrete coats, contact us online or by dialing 916-531-1874 in West Sacramento.
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