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Epoxy Flooring For Commercial Kitchens in Tracy, CA

Many restaurants in Tracy have a concrete foundation for their kitchen floors. Some restaurateurs have decided to refresh their kitchens by ripping up their vinyl flooring or tiles to expose the concrete and apply epoxy coatings instead. In fact, some eateries currently being built or renovated use epoxy flooring for their kitchens as the first upgrade. There are some however that are skeptical of the use of epoxy so, here is a list of commonplace questions about epoxy coatings in the kitchen in addition to their answers.

Isn’t Concrete Rough on the Legs and Feet?

The comparison between a concrete floor and other flooring kinds shows only slight differences regarding comfort in kitchens. While carpet is comfortable, you would certainly never consider using carpet in a kitchen! Vinyl may appear slightly more forgiving, but the difference is ultimately very small, and longevity is a challenge. Cork is one of the ultimate surfaces for comfort but has considerable problems with maintenance. On the other hand, epoxy flooring can be produced with a feeling of give by using unique forms of polyurethane and altering the height of the substance. If you use rubber runners in your kitchen anyway, the selection of flooring ideally should be decided by other factors.

Is Coated Concrete Easy to Clean?

Epoxy flooring is seamless, so no food or bacteria can get trapped between cracks, seams, or grout lines. Microorganisms have very little to clamp onto. Restaurant kitchen employees love the ability to simply clean the floors by hosing them down with water, then using a squeegee to send the water down the drain. By selecting the add-on option of coved floors, the bottom of your walls are additionally protected from spills and bumps. A quick cleaning with some water and cleaning solvent is all that’s essential to clean up spills and maintain cleanliness.

Isn’t Epoxy Too Slick for Kitchens?

Many people think epoxy floors are extremely slick when wet. A high gloss epoxy floor definitely has that trait, but that style of floor is for showrooms and retail stores, not for kitchens. Instead, your kitchen must have an epoxy floor that boosts safety with a no-slip finish, so that you and your team can retain a safe traction even if there’s an inadvertent spill.

Ask for Epoxy Floors in Your Kitchen

Clearly, using epoxy coatings in Tracy for your kitchen has surprising advantages. But you may have further questions. We’d love to assist you with the answers! West Coast Epoxy has years of skill and experience with the installation of epoxy coatings, surface stains, polishes, and overlays. Give us a call. Or if you prefer, you can arrange a free onsite consultation with our experts using our online form. Any kitchen in Tracy is bound to benefit from epoxy coats!
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