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If you would like natural-looking epoxy flooring, choose color micas. Mica is a common mineral in many California mountains, lending twinkle to granite and other rocks. It comes in different naturally occurring colors and splits easily into thin sheets that are broken down into various sizes. When added to an epoxy floor, color micas give it the style of granite, all in the hues of your selection. They also create a metallic shine that makes your concrete floors glisten with beauty.

Advantages of Color Micas

As a mineral, micas bring additional benefits to your epoxy floors, including:

  • Multiple color possibilities.
  • Avoids weathering.
  • Provides a strong chemical resistance.
  • They offer a natural metallic sheen.
  • Micas are known for their toughness.

To choose a colored mica scheme for your epoxy floors, investigate our blends, solids, and custom combinations. West Coast Epoxy always makes certain that our clients in San Jose and Northern California have plenty of chances to choose the exact color combination and pattern that agrees with their design concept before applying this beautiful, natural form of flooring decoration.
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