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Trowel Grade Epoxy in San Jose, CA

When Strength is Desired

Trowel Grade EpoxyTrowel grade epoxy flooring is finest coating available for maximum durability, creating a surface with twice the thickness of our usual residential or business epoxy process. Floors that experience great mass, such as from heavy-duty forklifts, as well as concrete that comes in contact with corrosive or caustic chemicals should ideally be treated with a trowel grade epoxy.

With heavier coatings comes added time for curing. There are also recommended conditions for adding trowel grade flooring.

  • Above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, each epoxy application will cure in 8-12 hours with a full seven days recommended prior to beginning normal activities.
  • Below 70 degrees Fahrenheit it takes additional time for successful curing.
  • Below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, the thickness of a trowel grade epoxy coating really should not be attempted.

Given this information, please consider your trowel grade application in late spring, summer, or early fall.

Trowel grade takes real skill and experience to apply properly. West Coast Epoxy has the staff and equipment required to meet all the requirements of any commercial or industrial building. For additional information about the installation of trowel grade floor coats in San Jose, contact us online or call us at 916-531-1874.
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