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Anti-Slip Finish in San Jose, CA

It is a demonstrated fact that some of the most disastrous accidents take place because of slips and falls. When floor surfaces frequently come in contact with oil, water, grease, or other slick substances, the concrete requires an anti-slip finish. West Coast Epoxy offers this type of finish because we know that an anti-slip finish plays a sizable role in preventing such unfortunate events.

Our friction finish comes in two different textures, and you can select which grade of texture fits your needs based on samples that West Coast Epoxy provides. The finish provides grip, even in wet conditions or on steep slopes.

Naturally, certain regulations can come into play, conditional on your specific county or city. We make sure that all requirements are met when applying coatings to the concrete surface. Contact us today or schedule a free consultation online. Let West Coast Epoxy help you keep a “good grip” on your concrete floors in San Jose and beyond!
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