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Color Micas

If you desire natural-looking epoxy flooring, choose colored micas. Mica is a common mineral in a number of California mountains, providing sparkle to granite and other stones. It is naturally occurring and splits neatly into thin sheets that are broken down into various sizes. When added to an epoxy floor, color micas lend it the style of granite, and in the colors of your selection. They additionally offer a metallic brilliance that makes your concrete floor glisten with beauty.

Benefits of Color Micas

Here are just a few of the long lasting benefits of applying color micas:

  • their natural source makes them ultraviolet stable and colorfast;
  • mica has remarkable chemical resistance;
  • metallic brilliance is a key feature of color micas;
  • it is very durable and resilient;
  • they are available in multiple hues.

Many customers in Roseville choose a mica combo that resembles the granite formations near their home or work, making a look that fits in with the local surroundings. Others request a look from their hometown rocks. Whichever color and texture you appoint for your concrete flooring, adding the sparkle of micas brings a higher level of beauty to your home and businesses, without expensive cost.
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