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Warehouse Floor Epoxy in Roseville , CA

Industrial EpoxyWarehouse floors take a pounding due to repeated wear with pallet jacks, forklifts, loaded carts, and more. Without sufficient foundation endurance, even concrete begins to erode and develop impressions in areas that are heavily trafficked. This is where epoxy coatings for concrete floors really shine, both literally and figuratively. The hard chemical makeup of an epoxy preserves and cushions the substrate beneath it from stresses and tensions above it. Best of all, it makes the floor look wonderful while guarding it.

What We Provide for Warehouses

West Coast Epoxy offers epoxy topcoats of different grades and strengths based on the specifications of our warehouse customers. For locations that see the heaviest types of machinery and material, we offer trowel level coatings. This is the thickest form of epoxy coating and provides the optimal strength for your slab surface.

Epoxy Coating Add-ons

Besides traditional epoxy coatings, West Coast Epoxy also offers striping, and signage designed into the coatings. Protected beneath a durable topcoat, these floor markings are strong and resilient. Make your warehouse a safe location by distinctly identifying lanes of flow, safe zones, and hazard areas via your epoxy coating.

Epoxy topcoats for warehouses also minimize the intensity of maintenance and cleaning your site will require. They are simple to clean with a dust mopping and vacuuming being sufficient in most cases. If you choose to add coved coating, your walls are also preserved and protected. Visualize an extra-thick coat of epoxy that runs up the walls to protect the drywall and plaster from nicks and scuffs and you then comprehend the advantage of the coved flooring choice.

Epoxy Coatings for Roseville from West Coast Epoxy

If you are prepared to install a fresh coat of epoxy for your brand-new warehouse, call West Coast Epoxy. If you need to renew your older concrete floors and want to preserve and protect them afterwards with epoxy coats, call West Coast Epoxy. Either way, our skill, experience, and superior product lines will assist you to have a spotless and safeguarded warehouse, saving you money and time. Contact West Coast Epoxy in Roseville for assistance today!
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