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Epoxy Flooring For Commercial Kitchens in Roseville, CA

Kitchen Flooring

Many cafes in Roseville have a concrete foundation for their kitchen floors. Some owners have decided to remodel their kitchens by tearing out their vinyl flooring or tiles to expose the concrete and apply epoxy topcoats instead. Eateries currently being built or remodeled use epoxy floors for their kitchens as the first choice. So, here is a list of common inquiries about epoxy coatings in the kitchen and their answers.

Rough Concrete Underfoot?

Many are concerned that a concrete floor will be too rough on their joints and feet, perhaps producing distress while stationary for the extended periods needed during a restaurant shift. In fact, epoxy floors can help to alleviate this situation. With West Coast Epoxy, you can choose different degrees of height and hardness for your epoxy coat to help with vibration and impact. With the right specifications during application, your epoxy floor can be better and safer for your feet and joints than ordinary tile or concrete possibilities.

Kitchen Clean Up

Epoxy floors have no joints or cracks, so there’s no place for hair, dirt, bacteria, old food, or other contaminants to get trapped. There is no grout to scrub and scour. Ordinarily, all epoxy flooring needs is a good cleaning with a mop. In addition, adding coved flooring extends the strength of epoxy coatings up the walls of your kitchen from a matter of inches to more than a foot, protecting your walls and floors from spills and dings with carts and delivery dollies.

Isn’t Epoxy Too Slippery for Kitchens?

The clearcoat on any concrete floor can be modified to improve the traction. Certainly, a high gloss concrete surface like you see in a retail store or office building may be slick and hazardous when wet, but in kitchens we do not lay down the same topcoats as we use in areas that prioritize appearance over traction. That does not mean that your floor looks industrial or feels like it is made with grit. The science behind epoxy sealants is far beyond that and provides us many beautiful methods of preventing slick flooring that are approved by expert building designers.

Contact Us for an Epoxy Kitchen Floor

Concrete is never dull when you request West Coast Epoxy to colorize your kitchen flooring. For a secure and practical work kitchen color-stained concrete or epoxy floors can meet your requirements with a vibrant look that competes very well with other floors. If you have other questions about epoxy in the kitchen, call West Coast Epoxy for more information. We look forward to helping you learn the advantages of concrete flooring in commercial kitchens.
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