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Concrete Polishing in Roseville, CA

Polished ConcreteIf you want your concrete to look glossy and reflect light like a mirror, look no further than the concrete polishing technique used by West Coast Epoxy of Roseville. We use the latest in concrete technology to stain, polish and protect your newly colored concrete floor.

The Polished Concrete Process

Here are the steps we take to polish your concrete to a shiny finish:

  • Grinding – We grind your concrete to remove anomalies which will allow the floor sealer to permanently attach. During this stage we use high powered commercial vacuums to collect the resulting dust, ensuring it doesn’t float in the air or land on other surfaces.
  • Leveling – Cracks and deterioration are detected and refloated, creating a level surface on which the polish will be applied.
  • Staining – Your flooring is now fulling infused with the color stain of your choice. Patterns can be implemented at this time. We can vary how thickly we apply the stain depending on the finished look that you desire – hiding the concrete grain or allowing it to shine through like polished wood.
  • Transparent protective layer – The final step is applying a clear protective sealer to fill any remaining pores further enhancing your floors impressive gloss. This sealer tightly bonds to your flooring creating a low maintenance, durable surface. If higher than average traffic is anticipated, we will apply a thicker coating to compensate.

Now that your concrete polishing is complete, your colorful and reflective flooring will be properly defended against wear, scratching and stains. Maintenance of polished concrete is even easier than cleaning wood, linoleum or carpet. West Coast Epoxy is ready to provide this incredible service for homes and businesses of all types and sizes.

For more information on concrete polishing such as adding depth, metallic sparkle or swirls to your concrete, contact our Roseville flooring specialists today!

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