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Trowel Grade Epoxy Flooring in Pleasant Hill, CA

When Endurance is a Requirement

Trowel Grade EpoxyConcrete floors that have frequent traffic or undergo considerable loads, such as from heavy-duty forklifts, ought to be coated with a trowel grade epoxy. This grade is also suggested when concrete is exposed to corrosive or caustic chemicals. Trowel grade is the ideal technique for ultimate toughness, providing a surface with double the thickness of our typical commercial or residential epoxy coating process.

One caveat about trowel grade epoxy is that because it is thicker, more curing time is likely required. There are also ideal conditions for laying trowel grade flooring. Above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the epoxy should harden in 8 to 12 hours and the protective clear coat that goes on top should solidify in the same amount of time. At that point, it is OK to walk on the epoxied coats, but the final cure demands 7 days. Below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, it takes extra time for sufficient curing and if the temperature drops below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, the thickness of a trowel grade epoxy coating really should not be attempted. Therefore, this is definitely a late spring, summer, or early fall job.

Trowel grade epoxies are not for DIYs! Skills and experience are essential, as well as professional troweling tools. If trowel grade coats are desired in Pleasant Hill, West Coast Epoxy has the crews and the perfect materials to do the best job! For details, call us at 916-531-1874 or try our online request form.
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