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Metallic Epoxy Flooring in Pleasant Hill, CA

Metallic Floor

Bring the light of metallic paint to your concrete foundations with the additional strength and endurance of epoxy coatings from West Coast Epoxy. Create floors with brilliant shine, pearlescence, iridescence, swirl, depth, and metallic sparkle. The standard concrete floor in your home, lobby, showroom, gym, or hallway can appear like clouds, waves, flowing currents, or the depths of the universe.

What Makes the Brilliance?

West Coast Epoxy makes your custom metallic epoxy by combining pigmented undercoatings with specialty mica or metal nanoparticles. Besides picking the colors of the epoxies, you also select the types and sizes of sparkling flakes. Using these choices, here are the effects we can create:

  • Iridescence — Birds like hummingbirds have iridescent feathers. The hues of the feathers change as either the bird or you move in the light. When iridescence is applied to epoxy coatings, it is the floor that changes color as you move through the room.
  • Pearlescence — Similar to iridescence, pearlescence is more subdued with the color-altering effect, resembling the luster of pearls or opal. This light effect reminds you of looking through prisms or the vibrance of a rainbow.
  • Sparkle — Mica and metallic flakes are especially known for this effect. By altering the number or size of nanoparticles, and their hues, you decide upon the resulting sparkle.
  • Depth — By skillfully arranging the pigment layers, aggregating nanoparticles in some areas as well as leaving fewer in others, our team members create a sense of 3-D. Depth, movement, waves, current, atmosphere, and more are realized by an artfully designed and executed metallic floor.
  • Gloss — Shine and gloss are tightly related terms. Essentially, the amount of gloss your floor has tells you approximately how much it will shine. And shine represents the amount of light reflected off the surface. Therefore, the glossier a surface, the more it will shine!

With a metallic floor design from West Coast Epoxy, you are guaranteed that your floors will be like no others! To find out the fantastic possibilities with metallic epoxy coatings, call the experienced installers at West Coast Epoxy for metallic floors in Pleasant Hill.
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