GarageColor Flakes

Color flakes are exactly like their name sounds — solid flakes of color to complement the main color of the epoxy floor. You can use a single color to create dual-tone custom floors, or you can inquire about multiple types of color flakes and make a personal mix.

The Pros of Color Flakes

From cleanrooms to carports and garages, color flakes give an aesthetically pleasing, textured feeling to your concrete coating, complementing any design. They are possible in a wide array of color options, and also in a range of diameters from 1 inch to as small as 1/32nd inch in diameter.

Some plusses of adding color flakes to your customized concrete coating include:

  • color flakes cover concrete imperfections;
  • they give various blending options;
  • color flakes are UV resistant;
  • they can add a slight texture to the flooring to reduce slipping.

All these options in color and size are customizable, allowing for combos limited only by your imagination. The design can copy your company’s color scheme, your favorite sports team, or your favorite colors.

Use the West Coast Epoxy website to narrow the options and request to examine samples during your consultation appointment. Developing the right color combo for your concrete floor is important to us. West Coast Epoxy wants to live up to our reputation in Oakley by providing the color flakes of your choice for concrete epoxy flooring!
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