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Epoxy Flooring For Commercial Kitchens in Napa, CA

Industrial Kitchen Flooring

Many industrial kitchens use tile on their floors. But a modern style in Napa is removing old tiles, exposing the concrete underneath, grinding it smooth, and installing epoxy coatings. However, some people hesitate when considering epoxy coats in industrial kitchens. So, we’d like to respond to some common worries about epoxy floors in kitchens.

Hard Concrete Underfoot?

Tile flooring is not perceived for being comfortable. Epoxy flooring can be adapted so that it has a sense of give as you step on it. Whatever the type of flooring used underneath, most diners and industrial kitchens select rubber runners to ease the legs and feet.

Kitchen Clean Up

Epoxy flooring has no seams or joints, so there is no place for hair, dirt, bacteria, old food, or other contaminants to get stuck. There’s no grout to scour and clean. Usually, the only maintenance and cleaning that epoxy flooring needs is a good mop cleaning. In addition, adding coved flooring stretches the resilience of epoxy topcoats up the walls of your kitchen from a matter of inches to more than a foot, protecting your floors and walls from spills and nicks with carts and delivery dollies.

Are Epoxy Floors Okay for Work?

Many people think epoxy floors are very slippery when wet. A high gloss epoxy floor definitely has that trait, but that style of floor is for retail stores and showrooms, not for kitchens. Instead, your kitchen requires an epoxy floor that enhances safety with a no-slip finish, so that you and your staff can maintain a safe traction even if there is an unexpected spill. And with coved flooring, you don’t have to worry about a spill causing damage by flowing under the wall.

Choose Epoxy Floors in Your Kitchen

Concrete is never boring when you request West Coast Epoxy to colorize your kitchen flooring. For a secure and practical work kitchen color-stained concrete or epoxy flooring can meet your requirements with an attractive appearance that competes very well with other surfaces. If you have other questions about concrete in the kitchen, call West Coast Epoxy for more information. We look forward to helping you find out the benefits of concrete coatings with commercial kitchens.
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