Epoxy Flooring in Napa, CA

Concrete Epoxy FlooringWest Coast Epoxy provides the best quality epoxy foundation coating systems in Napa. After many years of field testing and experience, we chose the best providers and coatings offered. While other businesses may offer you cheaper products, West Coast Epoxy knows that quality decides the toughness and style of the end product.

Installing Epoxy Floors

West Coast Epoxy uses a professional diamond grinder to prepare your floor. This cleans the concrete and prepares it to adhere right with the epoxy, creating a stronger bond. To stop the spread of concrete dust, we use a professional vacuum with powerful HEPA filters to effectively grab any concrete particles and keep your property spotless.

Afterwards, our business lays on a wicking epoxy that works its way into the depressions and hairline cracks in your concrete to completely attach itself forever. Once it dries, the epoxy is adhered to the concrete for life! No bubbling, no peeling, guaranteed!

After the base coat process is finished, then comes the color coat. This is the time your designated selections in texture, color and pattern are layered. Last of all, a transparent topcoat covers it all to seal it and give protection from weathering and scratches.

For Commercial, Residential and Industrial Clients

Learn how West Coast Epoxy restores and protects your concrete floors! By altering our process and products, we service Industrial, Residential, and Commercial clients. Give us a call or schedule a time for an on-site consultation online. West Coast Epoxy serves businesses and homes in Napa, Northern California, and the West Coast!
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