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Trowel Grade Epoxy Flooring in Laguna, CA

If Strength is a Requirement

Trowel Grade EpoxyWhere heavy traffic or higher demands are expected, the epoxy flooring needs trowel grade application. It is the perfect technique available for maximal durability, creating a coating with twice the thickness of our usual home or business process. Floors that support considerable mass, such as from heavy-duty forklifts, ideally should be covered with trowel grade epoxy. Trowel grade also is recommended where concrete contact with corrosive or caustic chemicals is common.

With thicker coats comes added time for curing. Optimally, trowel grade epoxy is laid at temperatures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit, F or higher. Below that, and the epoxy, with its clear coat, takes longer to cure. Ordinary curing time is 8-12 hours for each coating. The complete curing, when normal use of the area can resume, is after seven days. Below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, F, trowel grade coatings are best not attempted.

Trowel grade coats are not for DIY fans! Experience and skill are essential, as well as quality troweling equipment. That’s why West Coast Epoxy is here for customers in Laguna to bring the perfect materials and team of experts to do the job when trowel grade coatings are requested. For additional info, call us at 916-531-1874 or use our online request form.
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