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Concrete Overlays in Laguna, CA

For a few concrete surfaces, our highly-rated grinding process is not enough to condition the substrate for concrete polishing, epoxy flooring or concrete staining. Deep pitting, major surface cracks or severe staining might require the concrete to be resurfaced with a concrete overlay. West Coast Epoxy is equipped to provide this procedure for our clientele in Laguna.

Overlaying concrete right requires preparing a special mixture of sand, cement, and polymers. The polymers guarantee the overlay maintains a permanent bond with the original layer, while the cement evens everything out, providing a perfectly level plane. Additionally, the overlay ingredients can be adjusted to make it easier to apply a specific coating, whether it is an epoxy coating or sealant.

Concrete resurfacing is best left to professionals since it is difficult to get a flat finish and durable results. The specific technique used by West Coast Epoxy, combined with professional equipment, materials, and experience, lead to a better product and greater resilience for your new concrete floor. For more details and a free quotation, call us in Laguna at 916-531-1874.
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