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Warehouse Floor Epoxy in Grass Valley, CA

Industrial EpoxyWarehouse concrete takes a hammering due to constant wear with pallet jacks, forklifts, loaded carts, and more. Without sufficient surface protection, even concrete starts to erode and develop impressions in areas that are heavily trafficked. This is where epoxy coatings for concrete flooring really sparkle, both figuratively and literally. The tough chemical matrix of an epoxy floor protects the floor beneath it from demands and strains above it. Best of all, it makes the floor look great while protecting it.

What Epoxy Coatings Offers Warehouses

West Coast Epoxy offers epoxy topcoats of various grades and strengths based on the requirements of our warehouse customers. For locations that see the heaviest forms of equipment and material, we provide trowel grade coatings. This is the thickest form of epoxy coating and provides the best endurance for your floor surface.

Additional Options with Epoxy Coatings

Warehouses feature new and veteran employees, making safety features critical for the benefit of your crew. Epoxy topcoats are easily adjusted to include secure striping, informational marks, and brand colors. Mark out safe zones, hazard areas, and material placement zones. Epoxy top coats are limited only by your inventiveness!

Epoxy topcoats for warehouses also minimize the intensity of cleaning and maintenance your site will require. First of all, they are quick to maintain. A dust mopping and vacuuming is enough in most cases. If you choose coved flooring, your walls are also protected and preserved. Visualize an extra-thick coat of epoxy that spreads up the wall to maintain the drywall and plaster from scrapes and bumps and you then have an idea of the advantage of the coved flooring option.

Contact West Coast Epoxy for Epoxy in Grass Valley

For more information about what West Coast Epoxy offers for epoxy coatings in warehouses, contact us online or on the phone. Request information about our customization options designed to match the needs of your company. With multiple offerings designed to enhance the quality, durability and safety aspects of your surfaces, West Coast Epoxy is here to help you have a more efficient warehouse.
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