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Anti-Slip Finish in Granite Bay, CA

When Slips Aren’t an Option

The old comedy bit of a person slipping on a banana peel might still get a chuckle but slipping has no place in real life. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says that most workplace accidents involve falls and slips. In 2013, the National Safety Council said that workplace injury cases due to falls “from the same level” cost over seven billion dollars! Clearly, tripping on a concrete floor isn’t something to laugh about.

Our grip finish comes in two different textures. You choose which grade of texture fits your requirements based on samples that West Coast Epoxy provides. The result provides traction, even in wet conditions or on steep slopes.

Naturally, certain safety regulations may come into play, conditional on the county or city. We make sure that any requirements are met when installing coatings to your concrete floor. Contact us by phone today or schedule a free consultation online. Let West Coast Epoxy help you keep a “good grip” on your concrete floors in Granite Bay and beyond!
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