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Epoxy Flooring for Airplane Hangars in Elk Grove, CA

Airplane hanger with a plane. The flooring is epoxy coated in gray with yellow guidelines to show where the plane should sit. There is equipment around the plane for working on the plane for repairs and maintenance.The ultimate way to maintain concrete floors is to protect them with epoxy flooring. Garages are a typical space for epoxy topcoats, principally to maintain the concrete from oil stains and tire marks. One of the hugest garage spaces is in truth a plane hangar! And the larger the space, the more important it is to have an experienced and capable installer, like the team at West Coast Epoxy in Elk Grove.

Airlines Use Epoxy Coatings

Look at images of hangars used by industrial aeronautic organizations, and you will observe that they all use some form of concrete coating to give a high-quality appearance and ensure that flooring maintenance responsibilities are easier. While there are many different possibilities for hangar flooring, as one pilot stated: “Epoxy coats, properly installed, are the ‘Cadillac’ application.” If you want what is used by the best, you too can choose epoxy coatings for your airplane hangar.

Why Use Epoxy Flooring for Hangars

Considering most hangars are quite sizable, providing sufficient lighting is a challenge. Lights are placed at a high elevation to allow space for airplanes, while the planes themselves cast significant shadows. Epoxy coats help solve these issues with their excellent reflectivity, directing all available light upwards to increase visibility in the work area.

Hangars are also considerably improved by implanting safety markings and parking lines right into the floor coating. This ensures such informational labels remain enduring and easy to see. A range of bright and attractive colors are possible to make sure your hangar space is as secure and effectively used as possible. West Coast Epoxy also provides the ever essential option of adding a non-slip coating to your epoxy floor coverings. That way, wet weather will not compromise the traction in your hangar space.

You need your hangar space to look just as wonderful as your aircraft! Epoxy coatings contribute to creating the style you would like, with color-matching selections to equal your needs. For more information and to schedule a visit, contact West Coast Epoxy over the phone or online today!
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