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Concrete Polishing in Elk Grove, CA

Polished ConcretePerhaps you just want a concrete overlay or a simple change in color and texture. Or maybe you want your concrete flooring to shine, as if reflecting your professionalism like a mirror. West Coast Epoxy can help! When we polish your concrete flooring we will create a glass like shine that will be truly enduring.

The Concrete Polishing Process

Here are the primary steps we take to polish your concrete:

  1. Grinding – Grinding your existing concrete surface eliminates flaws in your flooring thereby ensuring the strong adhesion of needed sealers. While grinding the flooring we utilize high quality industrial vacuums to collect the resulting dust before it disperses in the air or on other surfaces.
  2. Leveling – Areas showing cracks or other deterioration are refloated to level out your flooring ensuring that the polish will adhere properly.
  3. Staining – Your concrete flooring will be completely infused with your custom color selection. Any desired patterns are added during this stage. We can apply a heavy stain to hide the concrete grain or very light which allows the patterns in your flooring to shine through like polished wood.
  4. Transparent protective layer – Floor sealers applied on top of your newly polished floor will fill natural pores further improving the level of gloss. This clear sealer strongly bonds to your smooth concrete creating a finish that is easy to maintain. In areas you anticipate experiencing higher levels of traffic, we will apply a thicker coat of sealer to ensure the surface is extra durable.

Now that the polishing process is complete, your glossy and colorful flooring is thoroughly protected from scratches, stains and wear. You will find cleaning to be very easy compared to all other surfaces in your home or office. West Coast Epoxy provides concrete polishing for residential, commercial or industrial flooring of all types and sizes.

If you would like more details on concrete polishing, contact West Coast Epoxy in Elk Grove today by calling 916-531-1874. Or you may contact us online to request a free, customized quote.
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