Concrete Stain and Seal in Elk Grove, CA

Concrete Color Staining

Concrete StainingDrive through neighborhoods in Elk Grove and you often see the same thing: long, grey driveways. They all seem similar. But a residence with a colored driveway that matches the surroundings is altogether different! It is noticed because of the outstanding concrete.

West Coast Epoxy employs high quality topcoat products and materials, so our concrete staining technique is suitable outdoors and indoors. It is equipped to last, even if exposed to strong sunlight and wet weather. Our topcoats are used in extreme locations with excellent outcomes. They are sold in a glossy or matte finish.

Safe, Water-Based Stains

Although some epoxy applicators use risky acid-based stains or solvents that are sometimes dangerous, West Coast Epoxy only applies safe, water-based color stains that are vibrant, but natural. The product is guaranteed to also function with brick, stone or plaster.

Ask West Coast Epoxy to make your property in Elk Grove stand out! We offer no-cost quotes and discuss your queries over the phone. Please contact us to see the exciting end results from concrete staining and sealing!

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