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Urethane Concrete in Dublin, CA

Urethane concrete is the most durable form of coating that West Coast Epoxy can lay down. While a trowel-grade epoxy coat is quite durable, urethane concrete (also named urethane cement) is even more resilient. That is because it uses urethane to bind together an engineered cement powder that when completely cured has the flexibility of epoxy combined with the strength of concrete. The thickness of urethane cement topcoats can also be stretched to limits not reachable with common epoxy coatings, and the material retains its ability to be shaped for use with coved and beveled floors.

Applications for Urethane Cement

Epoxy coats do a beautiful job of protecting concrete and lengthening its longevity considerably. Urethane cement is even better, however, especially for protecting floors from thermal contraction and expansion. If a foundation continually faces temperature changes due to manufacturing or weather, this coating behaves like an extra layer protecting the underlying concrete.

Customize Your Urethane Concrete

Urethane coatings may be colored to copy flooring concepts or to differentiate work areas. They come in many types, and West Coast Epoxy helps our Dublin customers select the ideal formula, based on their needs. For information about urethane concrete, please contact West Coast Epoxy at the number displayed above or through our online appointment form.
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