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Epoxy Flooring for Hallways in Berkley, CA


Hallways — they extend on and on, they undergo continuous foot traffic, and they are the one space that nearly everyone notices. So, hallways need more maintenance and cleaning to stay presentable and the longer the hallway is, the greater the cost becomes if you choose carpet, wood, tile, or other materials for the floors. At this point, epoxy topcoats from West Coast Epoxy becomes your best choice in Berkley.

Cleaning Epoxy Floors is Simple

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, epoxy floors are simple. Compare the expense associated with carpet (at minimum twice a year deep cleaning) and epoxy flooring becomes very appealing. Consider also the waxing and buffing costs associated with VCT (vinyl composite tile) floors and epoxy becomes your top choice! The coating on an epoxy surface is created for endurance and requires no waxing. A dust mop is the most common tool your maintenance team will ever need to use.

Lower Cost on Installation

Most types of flooring give you volume discounts, but it involves a massive amount of volume to take advantage of that discount. Epoxy topcoats have one of the perfect discounts based on volume that you can find in the flooring business. So, while a small hallway may be more inexpensive for installation with other surface materials, large or various hallways will certainly benefit from cost effective epoxy coatings.

Get More Information About Hallways with Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring also provides the choice of coved flooring to preserve walls from delivery dollies and cart traffic. Thick trowel grade topcoats also provide UV protection with chemical resistance, which takes the most brutal of industrial demands. For more details about all of your options with epoxy flooring such as color, topcoats, and patterns, contact West Coast Epoxy in Berkley by phone or by using our simple online form.
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