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Concrete Polishing in Berkley, CA

Concrete PolishingSometimes you require more than a concrete repair or a mere change in texture or color. Perhaps you would prefer your concrete floor to shine, reflecting beauty like a mirror. West Coast Epoxy can color and preserve your concrete floor, but we can go even further and give it a glossy shine with concrete polishing.

The Concrete Polishing Process

Our process begins with an aggressive treatment of the concrete’s top layer to eliminate any imperfections, spots, and blemishes. While grinding the floor, we use premium industrial machines that vacuum all the dust made, keeping it off the floor and out of the surroundings. After grinding, spaces with cracks or deterioration are refloated to provide a solid and level surface. This prepares the concrete for a complete and durable infusion with your selected color. The grinding process also guarantees the strong adhesion of floor sealers that produce a mirror finish. A thicker application of the clear protective layer is available if heavy traffic is commonplace.

Concrete polishing offers decorative durability, for both residences and businesses, while also offering chemical and scratch resistance. This system is perfect for businesses wanting a colorful, durable, and low-maintenance floor surface in their commercial or industrial building, as well as for homeowners wanting an exciting floor that’s easily maintained.

For more information about your options in concrete polishing, such as adding swirl, depth, and metallic sparkle, talk to West Coast Epoxy in Berkley today!

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